Ser Reginald Carruthers

Senior Lecturer in the Arcane Arts


Connection 4, Loyalty 1

Sir Reginald is the senior professor at the Passage Academy of the Arcane Arts, and was Caroline’s professor during her last year of studies. He is also the reason she was picked for her current field study mission. He is totally self-centered, with the most important question of any request for assistance or aid being ‘What’s in it for me’. He decides all requests for his aid solely on what advantage he can gain from approving (or disapproving) them. He has never personally been on a field study, and doesn’t really understand what they entail. He is a human, approximately 50 years old wearing spectacles due to years spent deciphering the cramped and faded script in obscure journals, with steel gray hair and Van Dyke beard.


Ser Reginald Carruthers

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