Rogal d'Deneith

Gold Blade of House Deneith


Connection 4, Loyalty -

Rogal d’Deneith was born the son of Robrand d’Deneith, one of the most famous Blademarks captains of recent history. After his father died on a mission in the chaos of the Last War, many members of the house looked to seventeen year-old Rogal to carry on his father’s legacy.

Rogal joined the Blademarks shortly after his father’s death, advancing quickly through the ranks to become a Gold Blade, one of the elite warriors of House Deneith. He now serves mainly as a recruiter, hiring street toughs from Sharn to serve in the mercenary ranks of Deneith, with the highest turnover rate of any Blademark recruiter.


Rogal d'Deneith

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