In a world so recently soiled by soiled by a century of conflict, in the City of Towers whose streets never saw the horrors of war, a group of strangers are contacted by a mysterious benefactor to meet for lunch, as well as the opportunity to make a purse of gold and friends in high places.

Morgrok Var, a Gatekeeper apprentice from the Shadow Marches, is approached by his mentor Drel’yazzhan, a grizzled orc who speaks no Common with the tattoos of a master shaman, telling him to visit the Lava Pit in the Cogs at noon for a taste of home and the chance to earn a purse of gold and regain his honor.

Marcus Deneith, a warpriest of the Sovereign Host, receives a letter from his cousin Rogal offering a lunch meeting at Marcus’ favorite restaurant for Marches barbecue, the Lava Pit, with a cryptic job offer added in a postscript.

Caroline Orien, a student of the arcane arts from the Passage Institute, is sent to Sharn for her first field mission, her contact one Rogal d’Deneith, her meeting to take place at a restaurant called the Lava Pit.

Eberron: In the Shadow of Xoriat

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